Gurdev Mata Gurdev Pita

Dear Sangat ji

This Salok is of the greatest spiritual and mystical heights, brought to this world by Sri Guru Arjun Dev jee. The singing of this Shabad invokes the great feeling of closeness with Guru-Jyoti – Sri Gurdev jee. When singing this Shabad, everytime the word “Gurdev” comes on the lips and tongue, the mind and the concentration gets pulled towards Sri Guru Nanak Dev jee. A strong feeling comes to the mind that Sri Guru Arjun Dev jee uttered this great Salok with Sri Guru Nanak Dev jee in mind.

Words have not been created to describe the greatness of this Salok. The understanding and greatness of this Salok lies in singing or reciting it with concentration; and in doing Arth-Vichaar of this Salok. The second-last Verse of this Salok contains a wish – Gurdev Sangat Prabh mel… It is a Benti to Waheguru jee to enable us to have Sangat of Sri Gurdev jee.

Enjoy and share the bliss.

Tuhi Tuhi… Always